RBFF State Recruitment/Retention/Reactivation Grants Available

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2018 State R3 Program Grants
Objective: To fund sustainable and replicable angler and boater recruitment, retention and reactivation (R3) initiatives and plans that focus on increasing fishing license sales and boat registrations to help achieve 60 million anglers in 60 months.
Overview: RBFF is looking to partner with state agencies on R3 strategies to increase fishing license purchases and/or boat registrations, and help to grow overall participation to 60 million anglers in 60 months (by end of 2021). RBFF has budgeted up to $150,000 for 2018 for a grants program to help fund state programs that can be replicated across the country and have a focus on recruiting new anglers/boaters, retaining current anglers/boaters, and/or reactivating lapsed anglers/boaters, and promoting the long-term participation of anglers and boaters.
Programs should implement and support the Recommendations and Strategic Tools for Effective Angler Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation (R3) Efforts. The primary goal of the Angler R3 Recommendations is to enable stakeholders to assess their angler R3 efforts and address gaps to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their individual and collective work.
Focus Areas:
State agency grant proposals should fall into one of the following two focus areas. Multiple proposals may be submitted.
1) Enhance the capability of agencies to develop and implement effective angler and/or boater recruitment, retention and reactivation efforts, such as (but not limited to):
• Developing and/or implementing strategic angler R3 plans
• R3 planning support, such as R3 Workshop facilitation or R3 plan writing/development
• Reconfiguring license purchase databases and/or building customer relationship management systems
• Collecting email addresses
• Simplifying license/registration purchase processes
2) Implement angler and/or boater retention or reactivation strategies to help increase participation to 60 million anglers in 60 monthsby utilizing RBFF’s Retention and Reactivation Toolkits, specifically:
• The Direct Mail & Email Marketing Toolkit to Reactivate Lapsed Anglers Toolkit and/or the First-Time Buyers Retention Email Campaign Toolkit
• Email templates can be downloaded in the Marketing Materials section of the Resource Center on TakeMeFishing.org/corporate
Outcome: The state programs funded will provide insights and learnings about a variety of R3 strategies. Grantees will create a case study, with RBFF staff assistance, after the program evaluation and will share their experiences with other state agencies.
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Successful programs are expected to continue to be implemented without future funding from RBFF.
To be considered for funding, submit a one to three-page proposal including:
• Objective(s) of the program
• Program description and goals, including how program addresses one of the focus areas
• Target audience and how they will be reached
• Expected outcomes
• Evaluation plan to assess outcomes and demonstrate the program value
• Timeline of programming, including steps to launch, launch date, end date, evaluation timeframe, recognizing program report deadlines
• Budget table with details that demonstrate cost-effectiveness and include cost-sharing information (cash and/or in-kind, or partner contributions)
• Plan for continuing and funding the program, if successful
• Explanation of how the program is replicable by other state agencies
• Commitment to create a case study based on RBFF’s template, and work with RBFF to finalize and promote case study
Process Timeline:
• Request for proposals distributed by 1/31/18
• Proposals due to RBFF by 5:00pm ET on 2/28/18
• RBFF staff and a Proposal Review Working Group (made up of industry Board members, Federal Agency and NGO representatives) will review and evaluate proposals based on meeting the criteria
• Awardees notified by 3/31/18
• Funding to be distributed after 4/1/18
• Mid-progress reports due to RBFF by 6/29/18
• Final reports due to RBFF within 4 weeks of program’s end, ideally by 9/28/18
o Alternative timeframes may be considered depending upon proposal justification details, but in any scenario, final reports will be due no later than 1/31/19
• Case studies due to RBFF within 4 weeks of final report date
o Case studies provided to RBFF by 10/31/18 will have opportunity to be considered for featured content at RBFF’s December State Marketing Workshop
For questions, please contact:
Stephanie Hussey
State R3 Program Director
Phone: 703-778-5152
Email: shussey@rbff.org

Recreational Boating & Fishing Foundation
2018 State R3 Program Grants Application
Proposals due to Stephanie Hussey at shussey@rbff.org by 5:00pm Eastern Time on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Applicants will be notified by March 31, 2018.