Arkansas' Millwood Lake "On Fire"

The cool fall weather has turned on the largemouth and spotted bass in Millwood Lake, our reporter says.

Hot Spot: Millwood Lake

Mike Siefert at Millwood Lake Guide Service said, "Millwood is shakin' and breakin' this week, folks." Apparently, he said, the taste of fall in the air has got the largemouths' appetite "on fire!" Fish are schooling throughout the lake. Want to get a kid excited about bass fishing? Go to Millwood, Siefert says. Catches of 40-60 fish a day of largemouths and Kentuckies are common now, he said. The bass are schooling on flats in the lily pads and in Little River chasing huge shad schools. These bass, from 2-4 pounds, are excellent almost all day on topwaters, Rat-L-Traps, Bass Assassin Shads, buzzbaits and Jitterbugs near vegetation and lily pads.