Compromised Career Takes a Pain-Free Turn

FLW Pro Bill McDonald dons the Angler's Elbow Performance Therapy System and now casts without the pain

New York, New York - Elbow pain can be downright debilitating for a professional angler. Angler's elbow, also known as lateral epicondylitis, is the most common culprit. Besides intense pain on the upper outside part of the forearm just below the elbow, significant weakness in gripping can occur. Casting, reeling, hook sets and even just holding a light-weight rod and reel combo can be painful.

The past few years, Tournament Bass Angler Bill McDonald's career was being compromised; the chronic pain of angler's elbow was the criminal. To say his game was starting to veer off course was an understatement. He was still catching plenty of fish, but keeping up the concentration needed during every cast did not come easy with jolts of pain bolting through his arm.

McDonald's record has been steadfast since he started fishing professionally in the EverStart series (now Rayovac FLW series) tournaments in 1999. The Greenwood, Indiana, pro's last ten years have been in the FLW Tour, in which he's amassed 18 top-ten finishes and four tournament wins with career earnings of $282,901.

He needed to get rid of the pain to keep those wins coming.

Then came a chance meeting and a little word of mouth. The suggestion? To try out the" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-saferedirecturl="">Angler's Elbow Performance Therapy System by Clinically FIT.

So McDonald went to the internet and did just that. A few days later, with the Xtensor Reverse Grip Hand Strengthener and therapy compression strap with instant reusable heat, fast freeze packs and an 8-point acupressure plate; he had the whole kit in hand. He watched the online videos and started the program a few days a week; the results were swift.

"Within a couple weeks of using the system I noticed I was experiencing less pain than I had in years, even after two straight days of casting crankbaits during pre-fishing for my first event of the year," says McDonald. "Instead of having to put down my rods and be finished for the day to let my arm rest, I was able to cast non-stop for a better pre-fishing experience."

The Angler's Elbow Performance Therapy System is the brainchild of Scott Kupferman, CEO of Clinically FIT; whose career in health and wellness has spanned over 30 years, including a clinical exercise practice in private homes in New York City for nearly two decades.

The system helps heal the micro tears in the tissue of the muscle leading into the elbow tendon—created from repetitive motion like casting, setting the hook—which, over time, causes inflammation, pain and weakness in the finger extensor tendons near the bony protrusions on either side of the elbow.

In many cases, when used as instructed, anglers notice painful symptoms diminish significantly if not entirely over a period of 30 days, as well see an increase in strength and performance. Attacking elbow pain from numerous angles using a multi-therapy theory provides the healing tools needed to quickly and effectively overcome the issue.

Unlike all other elbow straps with a foam pad or air cell, the compression platform in the Elbow Compression Strap by Clinically FIT utilizes hands-free, instant reusable heat,fast-freeze packs and acupressure plate so you don't have to stop fishing to feel immediate relief. It's manufactured using washable, skin-friendly materials, and has an integrated "Smart Tab" to eliminate the struggle people have putting on elbow straps. The device is not only relieving pain while wrapped over the tendons and reducing the load, but heat, cold and acupressure plate are a big part of creating a healthy healing environment to speed up healing that lasts.

The Xtensor, on the other hand (pun intended), is a reverse-grip hand, wrist and elbow strengthener that you slide over the same hand as your problem elbow. Just slip your fingers into the appropriate finger bands and then open, hold and slowly relax your hand, then repeat as part of a progressive forearm/grip strengthening program. The reverse-resistance created by opening your hand—inverse of gripping and clenching—strengthens the hand muscles that open, as well give more flexibility to the ones in your palms, reducing stiffness in the hands and fingers at the same time.

"I've had elbow pain on and off for 40 years," McDonald states. "I've been to several physical therapists, which has helped, but with their procedures it would take a long time before I felt results. The Angler's Elbow Performance Therapy System worked so quickly it was almost surreal.

"And I'm still using the Xtensor even though my elbow pain's gone; it's a tool for prevention. I truly believe if you use it before getting angler's elbow you'll never have to experience it. Ever."

Since starting the pain-relief regimen of the Angler's Elbow Performance Therapy System, McDonald has met in person with Kupferman, and with a few more maneuvers added to his daily rehabilitation the full-time fishing pro is now totally free from the pain of angler's elbow. Those moves? As simple as using the Xtensor with his wrist in different positions rather than just one. After all, an angler's wrist twists and turns in all sort of configurations throughout the day and should be resilient in them all.

"What made Bill's recovery so fast was his attitude," says Kupferman. "He was willing to go through the motions and use the system as instructed. He added putting his elbow in ice water for 5 to 10 minutes as often as he could throughout the day. And because he's willing to use the Xtensor even after his pain is gone, he should remain injury free and be in better shape for a great year of tournament fishing."

Fishing is more physically demanding than most people realize, and one needs to get into shape before hitting the water hard if they want to keep free from injuries.

Casting, reeling, hook sets and even holding a light-weight rod and reel combo shouldn't be painful endeavors. McDonald's advice? Try the Angler's Elbow Performance Therapy System Xtensor by Clinically FIT for a stronger grip and pain-free elbows when fishing.

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