Walleye Stocked in Black Hills (S.D.) Reservoirs

PIERRE, S.D. – For the first time, the South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) recently stocked walleyes in two Black Hills reservoirs.

GFP fisheries staff stocked 14,000 fingerlings in Sheridan Reservoir and 9,500 fingerlings in Stockade Reservoir. These young walleyes averaged five inches in length and came from natural rearing ponds in the northeast part of the state.

"Adding walleye into two Black Hills reservoirs provides increased angling opportunity within the Black Hills Fish Management Area without having negative impacts on the currently established fisheries," said GFP regional fisheries supervisor, Jake Davis. "This effort could not have been done without cooperative partnerships with anglers, stakeholders and our staff working to accomplish a key objective as part of the Black Hills Reservoirs Management Plan."