Harvest Reduction for Recreational Black Sea Bass Approved by ASMFC

Special to The Journal

Last week a board of the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission approved Addendum XXVII to the Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass Fishery Management Plan, which continues the use of regional management for the two species in the 2016 recreational season.

Sumer flounder (fluke) regulations will likely be the same in Rhode Island (eight fish per person, per day), however, the board approved a 23-percent harvest reduction for the recreational black sea bass fishery. This will result in more conservative regulations for Rhode Islanders.

At a public workshop Tuesday night, the Marine Fisheries Division of the Department of Environmental Management shared six black sea bass regulation options. All six can be found by clicking "Workshop Presentation" in the Marine Fisheries Division's Feb. 16 public hearing meeting notice at www.dem.ri.gov.

One option in particular has drawn the attention of both private anglers and the charter/party boat industry. This would allow private anglers to take three fish from July 20 through Dec. 31, while party and charter boats who apply for and receive a "Letter of Authorization" would be allowed seven fish from Sept. 1 through Dec. 31.

Comments from recreational anglers on the various options for black sea bass and other species will be vetted at a public hearing at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Coastal Institute Building, on the URI Bay campus.

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