Sufix Invisiline Ice Fluorocarbon Gets Baits Down Fast

MINNETONKA, Minn. - Get your bait to biters fast with new Sufix® Invisiline ICE Fluorocarbon.

Designed with a low-stretch index for optimal hook-setting power, Sufix Invisiline ICE Fluorocarbon sinks four times faster than monofilament line, getting your bait to the strike zone faster when it counts. All that, and it's practically invisible in the water - just the ticket when fishing for spooky Walleye or panfish.

"You're able to get your lure back down faster to biting fish, which is so key on the ice," says Sufix pro-staffer Tom Neustrom, a Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame Legendary Guide, "especially if you're in deep water, to keep continuing that bite."

Unlike traditional fluorocarbon lines called to service in the winters past, Sufix Invisiline ICE Fluorocarbon spools off spinning reels with ease, while still offering superior sensitivity, strength and handling, and abrasion resistance. Hydrophobic, it repels water, minimizing line freeze.

"Fluorocarbon has come such a long way in the last five to 10 years, especially for applications on the ice," Neustrom says. "With Sufix Invisiline ICE Fluorocarbon, fishability and manageability on the spool are so much better than we've ever had before."

Sold in 50-yard spools, Sufix Invisiline ICE Fluorocarbon comes in 2 pound to 7 pound test in the only color you need, the practically invisible Crystal Clear.

When the deep bite is on, make sure Sufix Invisiline ICE Fluorocarbon is on your spool.

Suggested retail price: $5.99

Bob Ringer
(612) 375-8548