USCARPPROMagazine to Promote Carp Week

USCARPPRO, GoFishn, Carp Anglers Group Team Up to Raise the Profile of Catch and Release Carp Angling in North America

Thousand Oaks, California -USCARPPRO MAGAZINE, North America's only online magazine dedicated to catch and release carp angling, announced today that it will team up with and the Carp Anglers Group to promote a national Carp Week on May 31. Carp Week aims to raise the profile and acceptance of the rapidly growing sport of catch and release carp angling in North America, to promote wider participation in the sport, and to publicize the accessibility and excitement of fishing for carp, which in Europe is regarded as the number one sport fish.

"We're very happy to have the opportunity to work with GoFISHn and the Carp Anglers Group to promote this sport," said Dave Smith, who started USCARPPROmagazine in 2008. "It's a rapidly growing sport in North America but it remains relatively unknown and misunderstood. While some may see them as a nuisance, carp offer a fantastic sporting opportunity because they grow big, fight hard, and are accessible to everyone, even in the inner cities."

Carp were originally introduced in the late 19th century by the US government and today they are widespread. While some regard the carp as a nuisance, carp angling is as popular in Europe as Bass fishing is in America and the business is just as big. The sport of carp angling has been established in North America for more than 50 years, and the tournament scene, known as paylaking, continues to thrive in the east and south of the US. During the same period the popularity of carp fishing has also boomed in Europe and today the carp angling scene in North America is truly cosmopolitan, attracting ex-pat Europeans, Americans and Canadians alike.

"Carp are such a big part of the international fishing industry and is really growing in popularity here in the U.S.," said Brian McClintock, GoFISHn Editorial and Marketing Director. "There's nothing quite like a photo or video of a big carp, whether you love them or hate them, those big-bellied fish get people excited. We're thrilled to team up with the best carp magazine, USCARPPRO, and the leading carp organization, the Carp Anglers Group, on this week to promote this species, give away prizes, and learn more about carp."

Formed in 1993 by a small group of carp fishing enthusiasts, the Carp Anglers Group today has 650 members and 4000 registered Internet forum users. It is a national fishing club that regularly hosts fish-ins--events where novices and experts, young and old, gather to discuss tactics and tips, rigs, tackle, and baits. And, of course, to fish. CAG fish-ins are social gatherings as much as they are educational events.

"The Carp Anglers Group is more than happy to work with US Carp Pro and GoFISHn to promote catch and release carp angling in North America," said Mario Kok, Vice-President of the Carp Anglers Group. "It's still very much a specialized sport but it's growing. While carp angling is still perceived negatively by many, it represents a fantastic opportunity to catch some of the largest, hardest-fighting fish on the continent. We'll have a lot of great information, photos and videos to share with GoFISHn during the week."

There are specialist carp fishing tackle dealers based in North America that sell both European and American styles of dedicated carp equipment and bait to a growing market, and marquee rod builder, St Croix, recently introduced the first US-made specialist carp rods to critical acclaim. Berkley has a carp range that sells well in Europe under the Pure Fishing name. The trans-Atlantic appeal of carp fishing is leading to new ideas in carp angling.

"What we're seeing is the development of a truly American way of carp angling," said Smith. "While some of us have brought many of the techniques and highly specialized fishing tackle with us from Europe, we're also adapting to incorporate the techniques and baits already established here. It's truly a hybrid approach that is quickly forging its own identity. It's a wide and welcoming sport with a place for everyone from specialist enthusiasts to inner city junior anglers."

In the US and Canada, carp tourism is a niche market that holds a lot of promise while the opportunities in Mexico because the fish are abundant, large, and are extremely hard-fighting compared to many of the European counterparts which tend to be stocked specifically to grow in size. The largest carp captured in Europe, over 90 pounds, face some competition this side of the Atlantic, however, with the capture this year of two specimens over 50 pounds, with the fish in Mexico caught on a fly rod. It's this sort of publicity that can raise awareness of the sporting opportunities available for anglers in North America, but even a "small" 15-pound carp will put up a fight many children will never forget.

"Many people don't realize what a truly fantastic and relatively untapped resource we have here," says Kok. "The carp are here and they're not going anywhere so you can either complain about it or pick up a fishing rod and enjoy the fun."

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The Carp Anglers Group is a not-for-profit national fishing organization that promotes catch and release carp angling. CAG's 650 club members and 4000 forum members from the USA, Canada, Mexico and around the world undertake:

A) To gain acceptance of the carp as an exciting and challenging sport-fish.

B) To become better carp anglers, assist others and encourage them to join us.

C) To treat the carp with respect, promote the release of trophy-size carp and encourage others to do the same.

D) Most of all: go fishing, share with others, and have fun.

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