JUNE 12, 2019

Instant Campfire with PULL-START-FIRE

How do you start your campfire when the weather or your wood is wet? Do you use firewood starter sticks? Fat wood? Or maybe one of those starter logs? It’s still not easy, is it?

PULL START FIRE has changed all of that by completely reimagining the outdoor firestarter. Now for the first time, making a campfire is sure-fire - in any weather, with any wood. Just a simple, compact box, a pull string and you're ready to start a fire anywhere, under any conditions.

We’ve tested PULL START FIRE in rain, sleet, heavy winds and snow - using both drenched and frozen wood. And every single time, the fire lights and burns for 30 minutes--more than enough time to get almost any combustible material well lighted.

Non-toxic and made from natural materials, PULL START FIRE is a cooking-safe, simple way to light an outdoor chiminea, campfire, or fire pit.

Take a look and see just how easy it can be to start a campfire. And leave your matches at home. Learn more at www.pullstartfire.com.