JULY 12, 2018

Mustad Debuts new Swimbait Hooks

Miami, Fla.– Mustad is excited to introduce a new series of 30° Swimbait Jig Hooks, at the ICAST sportfishing trade show in Orlando.

As the popularity of swimbaits continues to grow, demand for an increased variety of sizes and rigging options has intensified. The new Mustad 30° Swimbait Jig Hook (Ref No 32986NP-BN) is the perfect hook for mid-sized swimbait jig heads.

The wide-gap, round-bend hook is great for rigging in both solid-body and hollow-body baits, and the 1X Strong forged wire matches well with braided lines, providing a great platform for strong hook sets and fish-holding ability. The size range (5/0 to 7/0) is perfect for 5- to 8-inch swimbaits. The 30° design positions the eye of the hook lower in the head of the jig, which stabilizes the lure, minimizes unnatural side-to-side wobble, and helps in working baits through grass. 

All UltraPoint hooks feature Mustad’s Micro Point Technology: A unique, three-stage, Opti-Angle process that allows hooks to stay sharp longer. Mustad’s custom steel alloy wire is Nor-Tempered for up to 30 percent more strength than standard wire hooks, providing more confidence when battling a fish of a lifetime.


About Mustad

Since 1877, more anglers have trusted Mustad to catch their fish of a lifetime than any other brand. Sold in more than 160 countries, Mustad hooks are the world’s best-selling fishhooks, and are regarded for their strength, sharpness, and quality. Every Mustad fishhook is made from wire drawn at the Mustad Factory, in operation for more than 180 years in the town of Gjovik, Norway. Mustad is the only company in the world that controls all phases of fishhook production from wire to finish. Mustad products include UltraPoint Hooks, Mustad Classic Hooks, Signature Fly Hooks, as well as terminal tackle and tools. Mustad’s portfolio of legendary hook styles include KVD Elite Series Treble Hooks, Slow Death Hooks, Demon Perfect Circle Hooks, and the ground-breaking Grip-Pin Series.

For more information on Mustad’s newly expanded lineup of products, call 305-925-9972; write to O. Mustad & Son Americas., 3250 NE 1st Avenue, Suite 210, Miami, Florida 33137; visit www.mustad-fishing.com; and follow us on Instagram (@MustadHooks) and Facebook (@MustadAmericas).