APRIL 15, 2019

New York Calls for Anglers to Report Striper Catches

Striped bass (Morone saxatilis) recreational fishing season is here, and you can help DEC collect valuable fishing effort data on stripers in New York. By participating in the Striped Bass Cooperative Angler (SBCA) Program, you have the opportunity to provide logs of your fishing trips and scale samples that will be analyzed by DEC staff to determine the age of the striped bass you caught. This information is reported back to our participants and is also shared in an annual newsletter at the end of each season.

For more information on participating in the SBCA program: If you're fishing in New York's marine waters (south of George Washington Bridge), contact sbcaprogram@dec.ny.gov or call (631) 380-3314. If you are fishing in the Hudson River region (north of the George Washington Bridge), contact Jessica.best@dec.ny.gov or call (845) 256-3009.

Striped bass saltwater fishing regulations:

  • Hudson River: April 1 – November 30, 1 fish between 18"-28” OR greater than 40”
  • Marine waters: April 15 – December 15, 1 fish greater than 28"

View the Recreational Saltwater Fishing Regulationsfor a complete list of species.