APRIL 25, 2019

Maryland State Lakes Protection/Restoration Fund Projects Identified

The Maryland Department of Natural Resources will undertake restoration projects at lakes throughout Maryland under the new State Lakes Protection and Restoration Fund, which provides $1 million for each of the next three years to improve state-owned lakes.

Governor Hogan approved the total $3 million fund in May 2018, and the department was tasked with determining priorities and a work plan for the funding. Five public open houses were held around the state in the fall of 2018 to solicit project ideas, and the department’s lake managers also helped identify the most pressing needs to protect and restore the water bodies under their care.

“The input we received from local governments, organizations and citizens was very valuable to the department as we made decisions about the first year of funding,” Maryland Natural Resources Secretary Jeannie Haddaway-Riccio said. “We are pleased to announce maintenance and restoration projects at all 16 state-owned lakes.”

Each of the lakes will benefit from at least one project. Deep Creek Lake, the largest state-owned lake and the economic driver for Garrett County, will receive approximately $420,000 divided between three projects. At least 41 projects will be funded statewide.

The funds will be used to remove sediment, treat contaminated sediment, prevent the spread of invasive species, improve ecological and recreational value and any other action the department deems necessary.