AUGUST 24, 2020

Texas P&W Cuts Costs With All-Digital Regulations

New Season, New Regulations

The new hunting and fishing seasons starting Sept. 1 bring new rules, regulations and hunting season dates.

The All-Digital Outdoor Annual

The Outdoor Annual is your go-to source for all Texas hunting, fishing and boating regulations. Refer to it for new regulation changes, hunting season dates, fishing bag and length limits, boating safety rules and more.

Outdoor annual on computer and smartphone

There are 2 ways to access this year's regulations:

There will not be a printed version of the Outdoor Annual for 2020-2021 season due to economic impacts of the pandemic. If you have questions or comments about the Outdoor Annual, please email us at

The Outdoor Annual mobile app is better than ever!

Hunter holding app
  • Access regulations even in the most remote locations – no internet connection required – once it has been downloaded.
  • Pull up your license within the app. You can use it as proof of license for any hunting or fishing that doesn't require tags.
  • Find freshwater fishing locations nearby, including specific regulations, access points and fishing reports.


Watch this short video for a sneak peak of the app, and then download it for yourself and be ready for your next hunting, fishing or boating adventure!