FEBRUARY 11, 2020

Spin John 80 Debuts as SPRO Spy Bait

Kennesaw, Georgia "Spy baits were invented in Japan where anglers regularly fished in ultra-clear water for heavily pressured bass, but fish that are still relatively active," said tournament angler and lure designer John Crews. "Spy baits generally have a smaller, heavy body that rocks hard when falling or on a slow retrieve. Props facilitate a slow retrieve, provide resistance and add flash."

"I've fished all of the spy baits on the market and realized that there were some areas for improvement, so I created the Spin John 80," said Crews.

The Spin John 80 comes with high-quality swivels incorporated into the line tie and the back-hook hanger. The swivels help the bait rock back and forth and shudder on the retrieve and when the bait is falling. The swivel on the back of the lure makes it harder for a fish to get leverage on the bait and throw the hook. The Spin John 80 also has a special "chin" underneath the bait that increases water-resistance and causes the lure to wobble and shimmy seductively back and forth on the retrieve like an injured minnow. The Spin John 80 features two premium-forged steel Gamakatsu G-Finesse treble hooks made from Tournament Grade Wire for added strength. Revolutionary Nano Smooth Coat technology permits easy hook penetration to stick tentative prey and short strikers.

The Spin John 80 is available in eight fish-catching colors.

Spin John 80 Features:

Weight: 5/16 oz.
Size: 80 mm
Hooks: Gamakatsu G Finesse #6 Treble Light Wire hooks
Depth: Sinking

Colors: Cell Mate, Matte Shad, Real Goby, Smoke Purple, Herring Pink, Nasty Shad, Real Perch, Spooky Nasty

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