FEBRUARY 7, 2020

"Sprucing Up" at Arkansas' Upper White Oak Lake

Arkansas Game and Fish Fisheries Division staff from south-central Arkansas were able to get out and "spruce up" some of the fish attractor sites at Upper White Oak Lake near Camden earlier this week. Approximately 50 donated Christmas trees were sunk in the lake to provide additional fish habitat near the fishing pier and other bank accessible locations. In the photo below, note the tops of the new attractors near the fishing pier.
Andy Yung is the supervisor of the district that did the work. White Oak Lake has gotten much attention from the AGFC in recent years, with Lower White Oak being completed rebuilt and providing a good destination for bass anglers again.
Remember, fish attractor locations for Upper White Oak and many other Arkansas lakes can be found using the AGFC Interactive Mapper and the Fish Attractor Page on the website, agfc.com.