JULY 5, 2018

British Company Launches 300-hp Diesel Outboard


Southampton, UK – Following an intensive ten-year development program, British
diesel engine innovator, Cox Powertrain, reveals the final concept of its highly-anticipated diesel
outboard engine, the CXO300, at Seawork International. The launch of the new diesel outboard is set to
be transformational for the marine industry. The long-awaited engine will begin production in Q2, 2019
with order books opening in November this year.

The final concept of the CXO300 is based on the proven technology of a 4-stroke, V8 architecture. It is
the world’s first 300hp diesel outboard engine ever to have come to the marine market and will deliver
many advantages over competing gasoline outboards.

Crucially for commercial operators, it offers at least a 25% better range compared to a gasoline
outboard and is designed to last up to three times longer. It has a 100% higher peak torque at the
crankshaft than the leading gasoline 300hp outboards and is 60% higher compared to a leading 350hp.
This enables the craft to move more weight more efficiently, reach peak torque and top power more

Users of equivalent powered diesel inboards will greatly benefit from the flexibility of installing such a
robust commercially graded diesel outboard engine. The CXO300 will deliver a package volume around
half that of a state-of-the-art diesel inboard with comparable fuel efficiency. Benefits of reduced
maintenance and haul out costs, minimised disruption to operation for engine service and repairs will be
a big advantage.

The CXO300 has been designed and developed in-house from the ground up for professional maritime
use in collaboration with Ricardo, one of the world’s leading engineering and environmental
consultancies. In a relationship that has lasted for ten years, Cox’s highly skilled team of engineers have
worked closely alongside Ricardo to deliver an engine technology that will be transformational for the
marine industry. Ricardo is highly regarded for its expertise and knowledge in areas such as strict
emissions legislation and other environmental regulations in this sector.

Sea trials of the CXO300 will commence in October this year and order books will open in November.
The engine will go into full production in Q2 2019.

For more information, visit Cox Powertrain, who is joined by UK distributor Berthon, on stand PY65 at
Seawork International. Demonstrations of the final concept CXO300 will be given via an interactive app.
A copy of the final technical specification is also available on the stand to take away.

To stay up to date with the latest news and progress, visit www.coxmarine.com where you can sign up
for Cox Powertrain's newsletter.

Engine specifications
Engine designation CXO300
Crankshaft power, kW (hp) 252 (338)
Propeller shaft power, kW (hp) 224 (300)
Engine propping speed, rpm 3700-4000
Displacement, L (cu.in.) 4.4 (266)
Number of cylinders 8
Bore/stroke, mm (in.) 84 (3.3) / 98.5 (3.9)
Compression ratio 16
Weight, kg (lb) 350 (772)
Ratio 1 (Propeller speed) 1.23:1 (3259)
Ratio 2 (Propeller speed) 1.46:1 (2739)
Peak torque, Nm (ft.lb) 650 (479)
Aspiration Twin-turbo
Shaft Length, inch(mm) 25” (635)/30” (762)/35” (889)
Emission compliance EPA 3, IMO 3, RCD 2
Start assist Glow plugs
Rating Light-duty commercial
Trim range -4° to +16°
Tilt range 71°
Engine oil spec API: CI-4 / SAE 5W40
Gear oil spec API GL-5 / SAE 75W140
Propeller spline spec 1.25” shaft / 19 tooth
Colour options Black / White
Recommended retail prices:
£35,000 GBP/$50,000 USD/€42,000 euros (prices exclude local tax