MAY 14, 2020

Montana: Nonresidents Must Purchase Vessel AIS Prevention Pass to Launch Watercraft

Nonresidents launching watercraft in Montana must purchase a Vessel AIS Prevention Pass.

After completing a 14-day quarantine or when travel restrictions have lifted, nonresidents bringing watercraft into Montana must purchase a Vessel AIS Prevention Pass before launching.

• The fee for motorboats is $30 and applies to all motorized watercraft that is registered in another state or country.
• The fee for nonmotorized watercraft is $10 and applies to all nonmotorized craft that
nonresidents bring into Montana.

• The Vessel AIS Prevention Pass expires expires Dec. 31 and is not transferable between vessels.
• Nonresidents can purchase the Vessel AIS Prevention Pass online. Proof of purchase is an electronic or paper receipt. Learn more . . .

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