MAY 23, 2018

Walleye Anglers Donate 50 Percent of Winnings to Future Angler Foundation

For some professional anglers, the money comes second to ensuring future generations will have the same opportunities they did. National Professional Anglers Association (NPAA) members Frank and Brycen Burkhart have done just that by committing to donate 50 percent of their 2018 tournament winnings to the Future Angler Foundation (FAF) as a way to give back to the sport they’ve dedicated their lives to.
From a young age, Frank instilled a love of the sport in his son Brycen by fishing walleye on Lake Erie in Northern Ohio. At just 11 years old, Brycen teamed up with his father on the walleye circuit and just a few weeks later, the duo won their first professional fishing tournament in 2016. Nowadays the Burkharts are doing everything in their power to help the NPAA and FAF accomplish their goal of putting a rod and reel in the hands of every kid who has the desire to go fishing.
The Burkhart’s first tournament of the 2018 season was the Rossford Walleye Round Up, where the they took second place and earned $3,000, $1,500 of which will be going directly to the FAF.
Nolan Dahlberg | Gunpowder, Inc. on behalf of NPAA  | 608-751-1801