JUNE 12, 2019

CCA-Florida Contributes to Living Shoreline and Stabilization Projects

CCA Florida recently contributed $5,000 to the St. Mary’s Riverkeeper for the Old Town Fernandina Living Shoreline project in northeast Florida.

The project will restore approximately 0.3 acres of oyster and salt marsh habitat along this historic site using established living shoreline techniques and utilizing coated crab traps as oyster cultch. The resulting living shoreline will protect a significant landmark and its associated cultural resources, while maintaining the natural aesthetic of the region.

Tomoka Shoreline Stabilization

This month, CCA supplied the boat support and volunteers for another Tomoka State Park Shoreline Stabilization project with UCF and the FWC.

Hundreds of oyster shell bags, mangroves and smooth cordgrass were deployed as recruitment substrate to help stabilize and restore this important historical site from eroding into the Halifax River. Timucuan Native Americans occupied this area for many hundreds of years and created middens - mounds of oyster, clam and other shells and bones that extended 40 feet high along the shores. The current highly eroded shorelines are all historic midden-dominated areas dating back to the Timucuans, making it extremely important to protect these shorelines and artifacts.