AUGUST 29, 2019

51 Scallops Found in Tampa Bay Scallop Search

25th Annual event took place on August 24

A grand total of 51 scallops were found in the 25th Annual Great Bay Scallop Search on Saturday! We're pleased with this number since the scallops were widespread throughout Boca Ciega Bay. Scallops just live one to two years and are very sensitive, so the total is also a good sign with all of the rain we've been having and the red tide last year. Click here to read more about bay scallops.

The Great Bay Scallop Search is an annual resource monitoring event in which Tampa Bay Watch recruits volunteers to snorkel along set transect lines to search for scallops in select areas within Boca Ciega and Lower Tampa Bay. The goal of the event is to monitor and document the status of the bay scallop population.

Click here to watch a video news story on the event by Channel 10's news story on the event.

A huge thanks to all of our volunteer boaters, kayakers, & snorkelers, Tierra Verde Fire District, and SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund and Tampa Bay Estuary Program for sponsoring this important community awareness event.