JULY 9, 2019

New PowerPro Moon Shine Braid

With a special process making it glow when illuminated by a blacklight, the new PowerPro Moon Shine braid benefits both anglers fishing at night to avoid the summer heat, and the fish they are pursuing. Using Super8Slick V2 braid as its core, the Moon Shine braid is targeted to the growing interest in nighttime bass fishing tournaments taking place most notable in Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Texas. With Moon Shine glowing under a blacklight, anglers can see even the smallest line movement and hopefully set the hook more often. Plus the new braid also has applications for others anglers, including any nighttime action when targeting catfish, muskie trolling and surf casting, and be used during day for those who prefer an easy-to-see high-visibility braid.

Available in 8- to 80-pound test – in 150 and 300-yard spools. MSPR: from $20.99

Media Contact: John Mazurkiewicz/ Catalyst Marketing- 574/289-1331• jpmazurk@ameritech.net