JULY 17, 2020

Jumbo Electric Outboards on the Way

Evoy says the 150-hp electric outboard is just the beginning.

Following the introduction of its 150-hp electric outboard earlier this year, Evoy is planning to add more powerful all-electric engines in the future. The Norwegian manufacturer says it will add 300-hp and 450-hp versions with the 300 being available for pre-order in 2022. The 450 will follow with pre-order expected for 2024.

Focused on Marine

The more powerful electric outboards could be bolted to the transoms of boats more than 50’ (15.24 m) long in multi-engine applications. When Leif Stavøstrand founded the company in 2018, he focused on developing electric propulsion systems exclusively for marine use. The intention is to supply electric motors that can offer “plug-and-play” installation with Evoy providing the electrical motor plus battery and control systems in a complete package.

The company is also working on inboards that can be connected to most existing propulsion systems including sterndrives, water jets and conventional straight-shaft inboards. Evoy currently has a 400-hp inboard with 150-hp and 230-hp units reportedly coming next year.

Part of the appeal of Evoy is that the company supplies a full installation including the motor, batteries and controls.

It’s expected that the motors offered for the inboard applications will be adopted for the outboard versions. The motors have cylindrical cross-sections and apart from the electrical supply, the only connection required is for the water cooling system.

Initially, Evoy products have been primarily used in commercial applications, as cruise-ship tenders and on workboats for fish farms. The company hopes that the outboards will open up their use to pleasure boaters who mostly day boat. The battery installation is modular and can be configured to meet an individual boat’s power demands.

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