FEBRUARY 28, 2020

Fish Attractors Added to Arkansas' Lake Poinsett

The first artificial fish attractors were added to Lake Poinsett last week, according to the AGFC's Fisheries Division. In the photo at left, Natural Resources Technician Devin Higgins shows off some of his creations to be placed in Lake Poinsett. Higgins joined the AGFC as a fisheries intern last summer, where he spent most of his time at Lake Poinsett State Park creating hundreds of spider buckets and pallet structures. While Higgins completed his final two semesters at nearby Arkansas State University in the wildlife and fisheries program, he continued to work for District 3 fisheries working on building fish attractors. Now an ASU graduate, the Fishing Division reports, he'll be moving on to pursue his dreams and spend some time with his family before continuing his career in the fisheries field.
Lake Poinsett, which was drawn down nearly two years ago for a major renovation project and rebuilding of the water control structure, will reopen later this year with the hopes that all the work and new fish attractors were give it a "new lake effect" and make it a go-to fishery in northeast Arkansas.