JULY 12, 2018

Larger Size 12 Rapala Ripstop Delivers Even Bigger Thrills

MINNETONKA, Minn.   The only way Rapala® could deliver bigger thrills with their exhilarating RipStop® bait is to make it bigger. So, they did.

“I’m really excited to use the new 4-3/4-inch RipStop,” says Rapala Pro Seth Feider. “The 3-1/2-inch original is a really cool bait with cool action, but size-wise, it was more of a spinning-rod and finesse deal for me. The new size 12 RipStop is longer and heavier, so I can throw it on bait-casting gear.”

The new bigger size 12 RipStop comes in 14 forage-matching color patterns and features three sticky-sharp No. 5 VMC® treble hooks, rather than two. The bait weighs 1/2-ounce, which is twice as heavy as the original. The larger RipStop dives 4-to-5 feet, while the original model swims between 3-to-4 feet.

Looking like a cross between a jerkbait, suspending twitch bait and a swimbait, a RipStop will stop in place and suspend almost immediately when you stop reeling it in — something no other bait does.

“That is like throwing a parachute out behind a race car,” says Rapala Pro Ott DeFoe. “You’re pulling that bait through the water and then you kill it and it doesn’t keep sliding toward you. It stops in place. That’s something that’s totally unique from anything that’s on the market.”

When it’s in motion, the RipStop’s unique hard-plastic boot tail creates a hard-rolling, slashing action that mimics a live minnow swimming.

“No other bait has anything like that hard-plastic boot tail,” says Rapala Pro Randall Tharp. “When it stops moving forward, that tail will drop. As it’s dropping, it has a little quiver. That quiver is what gets the big fish to bite.”

Although the RipStop can be fished as a twitch bait or popped and ripped like a jerkbait, it works equally well when simply retrieved at a steady pace, provided you stop reeling from time to time, causing it to stop on a dime.

“This bait has a built-in action, so you don’t have to be really proficient with jerkbaits to catch fish on it,” says Rapala Pro Bernie Schultz. “Just let it do its thing on a slow, steady retrieve and then pause it. A lot of your strikes are going to come when that thing stops dead in its tracks.”

Featuring a modified flat-sided body, a RipStop cuts easily through the water and gives off maximum flash. Containing no rattles, they swim silently.

“When fishing is tough — when those fish get a lot of pressure and they’ve seen every lure — this is going to be a killer bait,” says Rapala Pro Michael “Ike” Iaconelli.