MAY 29, 2020

Black Sea Bass Season Open in Connecticut

Black Sea Bass fishing is open in CT waters! The daily limit for sea bass is 5 fish and the minimum size is 15 inches (excluding tail fin filament). Sea bass are arguably one of, if not the most beautiful and delicious fish that swim in the ocean. They are excellent no matter how you cook them, and make for amazing ceviche.

Black sea bass are most often found in deep water (30' - 100") and around structure such as reefs, rock piles, boulder fields, and mussel beds. Bottom fishing with enough weight to hold tight to the sea floor is a must. Plastic squid rigs tipped with squid strips, hi-lo rigs with squid strips or clams, or bucktail style jigs tipped with squid strips or Berkley Gulp (4" swimming mullet) are all great options for sea bass. A boat is necessary to get to where sea bass live, if you don't have a boat there are many CT charter and party boats that specialize in sea bass and other bottom fishing.

DID YOU KNOW that black sea bass are “protogynous hermaphrodites,” meaning they begin life as females and can switch gender to male as needed within the population.