Florida: Lake Okeechobee Likely to Rise 3 Feet or More from Dorian Rains

The U.S. Army Corps is expecting Lake Okeechobee to rise to 17 feet above sea level in the wake of Hurricane Dorian, and there will be large releases to the Caloosahatchee and St. Lucie rivers after the storm has passed.

The Army Corps expects the storm will cause the lake to rise 3 feet or more.

"This is a big deal and a serious event, so I would caution against any level of complacency," said Jacksonville district commander Col. Andrew Kelly. "We've had teams inspecting the dike earlier this week and we've got experts pre-located so we can begin any post-storm inspections immediately." ...

Kelly said surface levels would need to rise well above 18 feet before there would concerns of a breach or structure failure.