NOVEMBER 30, 2018

California: "Lightning" Trout Stocked at Lake Camanche and Diamond Valley Lake


SAN FRANCISCO, California – Anglers who have fished here and hooked that will be happy to know there’s a new game in town – rare Lightning Trout at Lake Camanche Resort in Northern California and Diamond Valley Marina in Southern California.

Over 700 pounds of Lightning Trout, also known as golden rainbow trout and a novelty for anglers, were planted last week in Lake Camanche—a beautiful resort area in the San Joaquin Valley, located at the juncture of Amador, Calaveras, and San Joaquin counties. In the next few weeks, the team at Diamond Valley Marina in Riverside County aim to plant 3,500lbs of the farm-raised fish, which range from three to eight pounds. The fish are found in only a few lakes in California, presenting an unusual opportunity to catch the technicolor trout.

The golden rainbow was developed from a single female trout with a genetic mutation found in the West Virginia hatchery system in 1954. Through selective breeding with regularly marked rainbow trout, an all-gold, golden rainbow trout was developed. Golden rainbows boast a deep golden-yellow in body color, with pinkish lower fins, pink or red tones on their cheeks and with the rainbow’s reddish lateral stripe.
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