NOVEMBER 8, 2019

This Veteran's Day Weekend on America Outdoors Radio


This weekend on America Outdoors Radio we highlight groups and businesses helping out our veterans. One such group is Hope for the Warriors. We'll talk to Ken Sutherby, the director of their outdoor adventures program, about his efforts to take wounded veterans out on guided hunting and fishing trips. Another group is Homes for our Troops. They build or remodel homes for injured post 9/11 veterans to make it easier for them to live in. Patriot Coolers supports this group with 20 percent of the net proceeds from their sales and we'll talk to Nick Cox with Patriot Coolers about this.

In addition to this we'll talk to Lamar Underwood, the editor of a newly revised edition of "Roosevelt on Hunting" about Theodore Roosevelt as a hunter, conservationist and prolific writer. We'll also share the results of the King Kat Classic that took place last weekend in Decatur, Alabama and talk to Nik Kolbeck at Mepps and find out why this lure company is asking squirrel hunters to send them some tails for their spinners!