JULY 11, 2018

Mustad to Introduce new Flat Eye Big Game Hooks at ICAST

Miami, Fla.– Drawing on a legacy of big-game fishing success that spans well over a century, Mustad is pleased to introduce the new Flat Eye Big Game Hook series (Ref. No. 7693S). 

This new hook series is built on Mustad’s legendary Southern and Tuna hook. Responsible for many of the largest fish ever taken in the world, this style features an inward pointed round bend with a heavy-duty forged shank.  From there, Mustad’s engineering team worked under guidelines from top professionals, including billfish Captain Ray Rosher, to address some key items on many big game anglers’ wish lists. 

Custom features start with the flat eye, which features a game-changing rigging channel. A normal needle eye is designed to rig almost exclusively with cable leader. The eye of the 7693S, however, is drilled with a chamfered, rounded lip to accommodate springs, tubing, and other chafing gear. The hook can effectively fish your choice of nylon monofilament, fluorocarbon line, or cable leader.

The rigging channel provides an inline connection between the hook and leader to ensure that lures and baits rig straight. “Billfishing against world-class competition is all about details,” said Captain Rosher. “If you want to be consistently successful, your baits absolutely need to run true—and it all starts with the hook being rigged straight on the leader.”

The launch of this hook also marks a return to Mustad’s original curved knife-edge shape. Combined with the rotary-sharpened MTL Point, the Flat Eye Big Game hook is designed to more effectively penetrate the hard, bony mouths of billfish, wahoo, and tuna. 

The 7693S is constructed of 1X strong stainless-steel wire to handle the demands of today’s tackle, including low-stretch braid and fluorocarbon lines, high-modulus rods, and reels set at maximum drag pressures.

About Mustad

Since 1877, more anglers have trusted Mustad to catch their fish of a lifetime than any other brand. Sold in more than 160 countries, Mustad hooks are the world’s best-selling fishhooks, and are regarded for their strength, sharpness, and quality. Every Mustad fishhook is made from wire drawn at the Mustad Factory, in operation for more than 180 years in the town of Gjovik, Norway. Mustad is the only company in the world that controls all phases of fishhook production from wire to finish. Mustad products include UltraPoint Hooks, Mustad Classic Hooks, Signature Fly Hooks, as well as terminal tackle and tools. Mustad’s portfolio of legendary hook styles include KVD Elite Series Treble Hooks, Slow Death Hooks, Demon Perfect Circle Hooks, and the ground-breaking Grip-Pin Series.

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