OCTOBER 24, 2019

CDC Seeks Anglers and Guides to Participate in Lake Okeechobee Cyanobacteria Study

This week, the Center for Disease Control announced it is seeking volunteer anglers and fishing guides to conduct a study about the effects of airborne cyanobacteria.

What are the long-term health effects, if any, to people who work on a lake polluted with toxic blue-green algae blooms? Can boating kick toxins into the air?

Those are among the questions scientists hope to answer in a 2020 study of at least 50 Lake Okeechobee biologists, fishing guides, airboat operators and commercial fishermen.

Nov. 18 is the deadline for the public to give its opinion on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's study before the National Center for Environmental Health can begin its research.

The study will attempt to collect biological information through sampling of blood, urine, lung function and nasal swabs before the next blue-green algae bloom, and then during it, according to the outline of the project as presented in the Federal Register.

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