NOVEMBER 20, 2020

Stalk Monster Redfish Along the Gulf Coast Now

Redfish, or red drum, is a delicious fish found in the Gulf. The bull redfish run occurs in the fall, when large adult redfish move to the beaches, especially in stormy weather. You should have success during a run by fishing from piers and in the surf along much of the Texas coast.

Redfish are also found in seagrass flats. If you fish from your boat, lift your motor before entering the flats – it's illegal to create propeller scars in seagrass. Try carrying a kayak on your boat and paddling in. You'll find more about kayak fishing in the video, Scouting for Redfish.

We've been focused on conserving and managing redfish for many years, and today you can find them in any Texas bay. Sign up for the weekly Gulf Coast Region fishing reports to know where they're biting. For tips on redfish hangouts, read our magazine story, Bronze Beauty.