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The duo of anglers from 15th ranked Drury University weighed in a two-day total of 26.52 pounds to top the field and earn upwards of $5,000 in prizes & contingencies.
Florida students in Kindergarten - 12th grade can compete in this free contest for a chance to win state and national honors and prizes, continuing until March 31, 2021.
Building on the DEW brand's existing "Out Here. It's DEW" platform, MTN DEW Recharge Retreat takes seclusion in nature to a whole new level by bringing outdoor lovers to some of the most scenic cabins in the Midwest and Northeast, just in time for hunting and fishing season.

Students in kindergarten through twelfth grade can compete in this free contest for a chance to win state and national honours, and prizes.
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission’s (FWC) Fish and Wildlife Research Institute hosts an open house and educational event called MarineQuest to give the public an opportunity to engage with researchers who study Florida’s fish and wildlife, and their habitats--this year virtually from the safety of home.
At its October meeting, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) approved new hook requirements in Atlantic state waters that are intended to improve reef fish catch-and-release survival rates and continue to encourage the use of best fishing practices that help reef fish survive when caught and released.

Watershed restoration jobs on the Oregon Coast got a big boost this summer and fall as the NOAA Restoration Center awarded Wild Salmon Center (WSC) $824,000 to support habitat restoration projects
POMA's Friends and Family Auction ends October 15th at 9 pm EST, which means you've only got two days left to take advantage of the amazing deals we have on trips, guns, ammo, cleaning kits, optics, fishing gear, advertising, personal coaching from industry pros, and SO MUCH MORE - thanks to our amazing donors!
Plano's Sportsman's Trunks and Shelf Units help to keep everything organized and easy to access as the seasons of the outdoorsman change.

Ultra-soft and resilient, ever-lively Z-Man® Long ShotZ™ is catching bass right out of the gate on dropshot rigs.
Red snapper anglers in Florida’s Gulf waters can look forward to bonus fishing days later this month and into November, so now’s the time to make sure you have the tackle needed for the task.
DuraSafe offers the Transom Mount Motor Lock which is the only lock that is compatible with most current models of Minn Kota®, Shakespeare, WaterSnake, and now, all of Newport Vessels freshwater transom mount trolling motors.
T-H Marine Supplies, Inc, of Huntsville, Alabama, is pleased to announce the launch of a new program that recognizes the value of local hunting and fishing guides and promotes their services alongside the T-H Marine brand.
Only retailers are eligible to vote at the PCW show, so these awards reflect retailer sensibilities and the goal of selling product to consumers.
The AquaNaut 270 is an 8-foot twin hull boat, folding down to three inches for roofrack transport on any car, with the heaviest component weighing 36 pounds.
Built with public submissions, the Invasive Species Resource Center will hold information created by state and federal agencies, researchers, non-governmental organizations and local counties and lake associations providing quick access to those who need it.
Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s is gearing up for the holiday season across America, hiring 7,000 seasonal workers at a National Hiring Day event on Thursday, Oct. 15.
Patagonia, an outdoor equipment and apparel company based in Ventura, California, has renewed its support of Bonefish & Tarpon Trust as a Platinum Corporate Sponsor.
Whether watching wildlife, catching a few fish, or just relaxing and taking in the fall colors as trees begin to change, MDC offers plenty of recreational paddling opportunities, just a short drive from home.
The department will hold a virtual meeting tonight to get public input on new, easier-to-understand fishing regulations, and anglers are welcome to provide input on Zoom.
Most of the changes proposed by the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources are aimed at protecting and improving bluegill (also called sunfish) sizes by lowering bag limits on 114 lakes in 26 counties.
This virtual meeting will be held via Zoom on Tuesday, Oct. 27, at 6:30 p.m. for St. Croix, Pierce, Dunn, Chippewa, Eau Claire and Clark counties.
Last week 28 waters were stocked with "Super Cats", channel catfish averaging 28 inches and 6.5 pounds.
In the aftermath of Hurricane Delta, wildlife species including bears, 'gators and snakes displaced into human habitat can be a danger, cautions LDWF.
The Island designed to protect the Lock and Dam 2 embankment, would include forest, brush/grassland, beach, fish overwintering areas and emergent wetlands.
The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is seeking public comments through Nov. 12 on topics to be included in an environmental impact statement for the proposed removal of the Grindstone Dam in Hinckley.
Featuring exceptional redfish and seatrout potential in shallow waters, the contest drew nearly 150 kayak anglers with a mix of local sharpies, national names, intermediate anglers and newcomers to the sport.
It is possible that a recent cooling trend in the eastern U.S. might favorably influence Chickamauga’s bass: The key factor will be sustained periods of cooler weather, local experts say.
As Major League Fishing (MLF) continues to experience success in television ratings and viewership, events and level of performance by its professional anglers, MLF President and CEO Jim Wilburn took a few minutes from his busy schedule to discuss 2020 and beyond.

The jumbo trout had no sea lamprey scarring despite a long life in a lake once heavily infested--lamprey control efforts have clearly been effective.

By John Hall, Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department recently certified a record fish entry for a 19.36-pound lake trout caught in Lake Champlain in August. Department officials say this demonstrates the positive impact long-term sea lamprey control efforts are having on the lake’s quality fishing opportunities.

Angler Jeffery Sanford, of South Burlington was fishing alone the day he jigged up the 36.5-inch lake trout from over 100-feet of water.

“I just got my first boat this year, and it was my first time out alone,” recounted Sanford. “It hit on my first cast of the day. Once I netted it and got it in the boat I was astounded at its size and lack of any lamprey scars or wounds.”

Sanford said he wanted to release the lake trout alive but was unable to revive the fish, so he brought it in to be weighed officially as part of Lake Champlain International’s Basin Derby, and he also entered it into the Fish and Wildlife Department’s record fish program. The fish currently sits in first place for the derby’s lake trout category.

According to department fisheries biologist Shawn Good, who oversees the Vermont State Record Fish Program, Sanford’s catch is a reason for celebration.

“Jeff’s fish is the largest lake trout from Lake Champlain entered in the Record Fish Program since the department started keeping fish records in 1969,” said Good. “There have been much larger lake trout caught in other Vermont waters, but this Champlain fish is a big deal.”

According to Good, it is a direct result of good lake trout habitat in Lake Champlain and ongoing sea lamprey control efforts.

In Lake Champlain, nuisance sea lamprey prey on lake trout, landlocked Atlantic salmon, brown trout, steelhead, walleye, lake sturgeon, and other fish species. High attack rates and sea lamprey wounds can result in lower growth, smaller size, shortened life expectancy, and decreased fishing opportunities.

To counter this, the Lake Champlain Fish and Wildlife Management Cooperative, comprised of the Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation, and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, initiated an experimental sea lamprey control program in 1990. A long-term control program that began in 2002 continues today.

Sanford’s observation of no sea lamprey wounds on his record catch is significant, says Good.

“We’re seeing lower overall wounding rates on many of these fish, and the fact that anglers are catching older, larger lake trout, salmon, and other fish species is proof that continued long-term sea lamprey control is working, and resulting in improved fishing opportunities on Champlain.”

Elizabeth Ehlers, Tournament Director of the LCI Fishing Derbies, says the annual Father’s Day Derby and year-long Basin Derby have seen bigger and bigger fish in recent years. “There’s been an upward trend in size for many of the species entered in our derbies. Over the past 10 years, we have seen several record-breaking fish in cold, cool and warm water species divisions.”

“While our anglers are incredibly dedicated and skilled, these catches are not just by chance or luck. The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department has worked tirelessly to protect and restore the Lake Champlain fishery. Their management efforts – including lamprey treatment, control of invasive species, and fish stocking – have benefited all who enjoy this resource. The impact of their efforts extends far beyond the angling community, as Lake Champlain anglers contribute over $200 million dollars annually to local economies.”

Jeff Sanford says he’s grateful for the fishery that continues to improve on Lake Champlain.

“It was an amazing fish and quite the battle. I'm extremely excited for next season! We have such an incredible fishery here.”

Sanford says he credits the openness of other anglers in the lake’s fishing community with helping him catch the lake trout and becoming a better angler.

“I just learned how to jig for lake trout this year from friends like Will Nolan, Ryan Carpentier and Jamie Shiekone. They provided the mentorship and tutelage I needed to learn a new technique. Everyone’s so open and friendly, and willing to help you learn something new.”

Good says that is heartening to hear.

“To maintain and grow participation in the sport we all love, it takes a village. I’ve always encouraged avid anglers to take newcomers out and show them the ropes. It can be challenging for a new angler to learn techniques that will help them be successful. I hope more anglers step up and become mentors to friends, family, even strangers.”

This fall, the Lake Champlain Fish and Wildlife Management Cooperative is conducting sea lamprey control treatments on four Vermont rivers containing spawning populations of sea lamprey. The Winooski River was treated on October 2, the LaPlatte River will be treated on October 14 or 15, and control treatments will take place on the Lamoille and Missisquoi rivers within the next month.

To learn more about Lake Champlain’s sea lamprey control program, visit:

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