Hogging & Noodling Rules for Arkansas
| December 7, 2017
Hogging is defined as grabbing fish by hand under the water.

Noodling is defined as taking fish by the use of a pole-mounted breakaway hook that detaches at the time of hookup or a snare with an attached line that is manipulated by hand while the angler is in the water.

  • Only buffalo, catfish, carp and drum may be taken by hogging or noodling.

  • Hogging and noodling are prohibited on the Ouachita River from the mouth of the Little Missouri River to Remmel Dam.

  • It is illegal to raise any part of a natural or artificial device out of the water to aid in the capture of enclosed fish.

  • The catfish hogging and noodling limit is half the daily hook-and-line limit on the water fished.

  • Hogging and noodling seasons are as follows:

    • The portion of the state north and west of U.S. Highway 67 – July 15-Oct. 31.

    • The portion of the state south and east of U. S. Highway 67 – June 1-Oct. 31.

    • The Arkansas River – June 1-Oct. 31.

    • The Mississippi River – May 1-July 15.

    • Lake Charles and the Strawberry River below U.S. Highway 167 – June 1-Oct. 31.


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