This Week on Northwestern Outdoors Radio
| November 14, 2017
We've got three unexpected seasonal outdoor adventures for you this weekend on the show. We'll start off talking about fall and winter hiking in a place that offers this pursuit among scenic vistas all four seasons. The place in question, The Tillamook Coast in NW Oregon. Adam Sawyer, the author of a brand new guidebook about hiking there, will fill you in on some of his top off season hikes! Northwest steelhead runs are reportedly bad but don't tell that to the guides and anglers catching all sorts of these prized fish on the Snake River near the combined borders of Washington, Idaho and Oregon. James Hollingshead, a guide with Hells Canyon Sport Fishing, will tell you where the fish are biting in uncrowded waters and how he's catching them. Another activity not getting much attention is fly fishing in Western Montana. That's a shame, because the fish are still biting in the waters of several famed trout streams around Missoula. We'll check in with the Grizzly Hackle Fly Show there to tell you more.


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