Guadalupe Bass Restored to S. Llano River
| November 9, 2017
Guadalupe Bass Newly Restored to S. Llano River

The official Texas state fish, Guadalupe bass, has been restored to the South Llano River. This marks the success of a conservation project that was launched in 2010. Guadalupe bass are threatened by habitat loss and interbreeding with non-native smallmouth bass, challenges that are hard to address. But this success on the South Llano River demonstrates what can be achieved by a passionate network of partners.

To celebrate, we've partnered with the Llano River Watershed Alliance and Bass Pro Shops for an angler prize giveaway. From now until Dec. 31, 2018, any angler who catches a tagged Guadalupe bass from the South Llano River will receive their choice of prizes from an assortment of fly fishing gear donated by Bass Pro Shops. Find more information about the giveaway online. Then celebrate with us by fishing for Guadalupe bass on the South Llano River.


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