Minnesota: Walleye Catch-and-Release Reopens Today on Mille Lacs
| August 11, 2017
Catch-and-release walleye fishing and use of live bait will return to Mille Lacs Lake effective at 6 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 11, and continuing through Monday, Sept. 4.

"After an extended mid-season closure, we look forward to reopening the lake to catch-and-release walleye fishing," said Don Pereira, fisheries section chief for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

A prohibition on night fishing will remain in place from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. through Nov. 30. Regulations do allow anglers to fish for muskie and northern pike at night, but they may only use artificial lures longer than 8 inches or sucker minnows longer than 8 inches. Bowfishing for rough fish also is allowed at night but possession of angling equipment is not allowed and only rough fish may be in possession.

As of July 31, state anglers had harvested 47,899 pounds of walleye, out of the state's conservation cap of 55,800 pounds. The DNR decided last month to dip into the conservation cap in order to extend the walleye season through Labor Day.

To learn more about Mille Lacs Lake and its many great fishing opportunities, www.mndnr.gov/millelacslake. To plan a visit to the Mille Lacs area, visit www.millelacs.com.


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