New KVD Square Bill from Strike King
| July 17, 2017
Collierville, Tenn.– One of the most successful family of products in Strike King's history has been the KVD line of squarebills. And for good reason. They have proven themselves in design tests as well as at weigh ins. They have won club tournaments and World Championships. Everything has been spot on from color options, to action, to price. From the little 1.0 to the mammoth 8.0, the action and effectiveness has remained perfect. Building further upon that foundation of perfection is the all-new KVD 4.0 Magnum!

"I set out to build a bigger profiled squarebill that had that same hunting action and dive angle that we have in the rest of the KVD line. I wanted something that would run at a target depth, but would be even more attractive to bigger bass. The 4.0 is the answer", says Kevin VanDam, 4-time Bassmaster Classic Champion. "This bait is the perfect complement to our squarebill line. It runs about 5 to 7 feet but is bigger and bulkier. Increased size does a few things for this bait. It is obviously a bigger meal and target, which is a plus when fishing for big bites, but it will also displace more water and be easier for bass to locate in colored water. The 4.0 will be a bait that catches big ones and wins tournaments. You'll hear a lot about this bait in the next year".

The KVD 4.0 Magnum will be offered in 16 of our most popular squarebill colors. Look for the 4.0 at better fishing retailers everywhere.


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