Michigan: DNR Seeks Partnerships for State Parks, Trails & Waterways
| May 19, 2017
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is seeking several public-private partners to help raise awareness and funds for state parks, trails and waterways, through two programs including "These Goods are Good for Michigan" and the state park centennial.
The Michigan Department of Natural Resources is seeking several public-private partners for two distinct partnership programs in order to raThese Goods are Good for Michigan sealise awareness and financial support for Michigan state parks, trails and waterways.

"We have found that businesses and organizations want to work hand in hand with the DNR to foster support for natural resources and outdoor recreation in Michigan," said Ron Olson, chief of the DNR Parks and Recreation Division. "According to the Outdoor Industry Foundation, outdoor recreation in Michigan generates $18.7 billion in consumer spending, 194,000 direct jobs, $5.5 billion in wages and salaries and $1.4 billion in state and local tax revenue.

"Many businesses across the state not only want to support Michigan state parks and other natural resources," Olson said, "but they're also interested in continuing to build on one of the state's biggest economic drivers – outdoor recreation."

"These Goods are Good for Michigan"

The DNR created the "These Goods are Good for Michigan" program to recognize partners who help support Michigan's state parks, trails and waterways through a revenue-sharing agreement from the sales of merchandise.

"Over the course of the last couple of years, the DNR has forged partnerships with businesses such as Chateau Grand Traverse, Espresso Royale and Labatt Blue," said Maia Turek, resource development specialist for the DNR. "These businesses created a special product line in celebration of Michigan state parks, and a portion of the sales was donated back to the state's parks, trails and waterways."

Through these partnerships, businesses are not only able to support Michigan's great outdoors, but they can also determine how their funds will be spent. In the case of Chateau Grand Traverse, they let their consumers decide how the funds would be donated.

"We created three custom wines highlighting Michigan's natural resources and then created an online voting option to help us further tell the story of our partnership," said Elizabeth Weddle, marketing director for Chateau Grand Traverse. "This was a great marketing tool that not only created excitement around the product and partnership, but helped the DNR raise awareness and address some of their financial needs."

These partnerships make a big impact in Michigan state parks. From planting new trees lost to disease to improving energy efficiency and expanding recycling options, the funds allow the DNR to add additional value and amenities beyond infrastructure that are critical to health and safety.

State park centennial celebration

The DNR is in planning stages for a statewide celebration to mark the 100th year of the Michigan State Park Commission. To help make the celebration meaningful to all Michigan residents and businesses, partners are invited to join the celebration through a partnership that highlights their support of Michigan state parks.

From sharing information on the centennial through employee communication efforts to underwriting portions of the educational campaign, the DNR is seeking a variety of partnerships that help tell the story of Michigan state parks.

How to get involved

Any business or organization interested in getting involved with either of these programs should contact Maia Turek at turekm@michigan.gov or 989-225-8573 to explore opportunities to work together for Michigan's natural resources.


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