KastKing Sponors Pond Hopper Nation
| May 19, 2017
KastKing signs on as the official fishing reel, fishing line, and fishing rod sponsor with Pond Hopper Nation events aimed at young anglers.

Today Eposeidon, Inc. announced from its NY headquarters that their KastKing® brand has signed as an Official Sponsor of Pond Hopper Nation.

KastKing® was named as the official and exclusive fishing reel, fishing line, and fishing rod brand of Pond Hopper Nation.

Pond Hopper Nation www.pondhoppernation.com/ , with representatives and volunteers in almost all states, holds educational fishing camps and other events to help get children, along with their parents, grandparents, or guardian, interested in fishing as a healthy outdoor activity.

KastKing® is an award winning brand that manufactures fishing line, fishing reels, fishing rods, fishing tools and other fishing accessories.

Pond Hopper Nation's mission statement asserts, "Our mission is to bring all Pond Hoppers together from beginners to professionals, to educate and entertain, and share the love and passion of fishing to the world."

"We are delighted to have KastKing® on board as an Official Sponsor," says Albert Talafuse, founder and CEO at Pond Hopper Nation. "KastKing's slogan 'keeping fishing fun by keeping it affordable' along with their catchphrase 'Affordable Innovation,' reflects what we are doing at Pond Hopper Nation. KastKing manufactures high-quality products that anglers at any budget level can afford. They can put great fishing tackle in the hands of beginners and pros alike.

"Before signing KastKing® I had the opportunity to test their products and meet them personally. I was impressed with the great quality and value of the products and the sincerity of KastKing's management and pro staff in helping us with our goals."

"KastKing® is excited to be part of Pond Hopper Nation's plans. We appreciate that they are taking the initiative to get kids out fishing. All of us here salute that," says Tom Gahan, Chief Marketing Officer at KastKing®. "We will work with them on several levels."

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Tom Gahan
Chief Marketing OIfficer
Eposeidon Inc. - KastKing - MadBite
1.855.830.7430 ext 1002


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