Arizona: Flagstaff Area Lakes Highest in Years
| February 17, 2017

A recent influx of snow and subsequent run-off is giving many Flagstaff area lakes a refill. During the past two years, water levels at Kaibab Lake near Williams had been far too low to stock fish. Thanks to recent heavy rains, the lake (pictured) is full and spilling.

All lakes in the Flagstaff region are ice free. The Arizona Game and Fish Department will not be stocking all lakes, and the ones that will be stocked will not get fish until after March 1.

Some other updates from this region:

  • Dogtown Lake, near Kaibab on the south side of I-40, should be full. Anglers who can get into Dogtown might catch some of the holdover rainbows and browns since spring fishing can be pretty good. The lake has probably picked up 10 to 11 feet of depth since December and so the fishing might be a little slow, but the trout should be feeding.
  • Ashurst Lake is full. The road to Ashurst Lake remains closed and is very muddy and there are some heavy snow drifts.
  • Upper Lake Mary is about 1 foot from spilling (up 6 inches since Tuesday) and Lower Lake Mary is about 1/3 to 1/2 full. If more moisture comes this weekend, Upper Lake Mary will probably spill into Lower Lake Mary -- and so it might fill this year.
  • Frances Short Pond will be stocked with the normal weekly stockings starting in March. Anglers should be able to catch fish at Frances Short right now since they were catching them before it iced over (and since it was full at that time, the fish-to-water ratio is the same.) For all of the other lakes, until we can stock the fishing will probably be somewhat poor.

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