Crappie Masters Championship Dominated by Johnson
| October 5, 2016
Johnson Shad Scales steal the show

COLUMBIA, S.C. – The popular Johnson Shad Scales continue to show how valuable they are on the water when it counts most. Johnson Crappie Buster Shad Scales were used by three of the top five teams in last weekends Bass Pro Shops Crappie Masters National Championship, including the top finishing team.

The event was held on one of the world's most famous crappie venues Grenada Lake, in Grenada, Mississippi. Twenty-one states and 187 qualified teams were represented at the national championships. With an unstable weather pattern, fishing became tough for many teams, which is why Johnson Shad Scales plays such a vital role in presentation.

"The key to this time of year and fishing for big slabs is a realistic presentation," said Chris Pitsilos, Johnson Brand Business Manager. "That is precisely why Johnson Shad Scales is so productive. They induce the need to strike because of the realistic visual that is going on in front of their face. They just can't stand it."

The Johnson team just launched a new offering for Shad Scales. The Johnson Shad Scales Kit is a 41-piece kit including five different Crappie Buster plastic shapes and colors and a sample tube of the tournament proven Shad Scales Chartreuse attractant. Each plastic hollow is designed to swim and react at ultra slow trolling speeds.

This kit allows anglers the ability to purchase one package and get the baits and Shad Scales that keep winning these major tournaments.

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