Big Bite Baits Partners with ACA/Collegiate Bass for 2018
| February 9, 2018

SAN ANTONIO, TX -  The Association of Collegiate Anglers is thrilled to announce that Big Bite Baits will continue to support collegiate anglers and the 2018 Cabela's Collegiate Bass Fishing Series. Collegiate anglers have come to know and love Big Bite Baits as a sponsor through Big Bite Baits' collegiate purchase program and prize support of ACA sanctioned events across the nation.   

 "We are so excited to partner with the ACA again in 2018. College 

students continue to provide a great deal of enthusiasm to our sport and we are proud to continue our support of them. Our baits are a great choice for student anglers and we look forward to supporting them again in ACA competition across the country," Les Bratcher, Promotional Staff Manager at Big Bite Baits.

Big Bite Baits strives to produce top performing soft baits at affordable prices, many of which are designed by an elite group of professional anglers.  From finesse baits, like the Limit Maker, to the new Swimming Craw Tube, Big Bite Baits has something for every situation.  Anglers such as Jeff Kriet, Dean Rojas, Mike McClelland, Michael Neal and Russ Lane have all helped develop products that are "Designed to bring the Big Bite to your line."

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