NOAA Fisheries Takes a Bite Out of Shark Week
| August 7, 2013
NOAA Fisheries Takes a Bite Out of Shark Week


In recent years, sharks have become ambassadors for our global ocean. Taking full advantage of the public's enthusiasm, we have ramped up our outreach efforts at NOAA Fisheries to feature the innovative science and management strategies behind U.S. shark conservation and the leading role the U.S. plays in global stewardship of these charismatic apex predators. From videos to pod casts, Tweet chats to shark facts, we've got something for everyone throughout the week.

Check out A Symphony of Sharks--NOAA Fisheries' ode to sharks and our shark science.

Meet our Sharktastick scientists.

Witness the very cool--and very disgusting-- analysis of A Mako's Last Meal.

Listen to our scientists and fishermen who are Hooked on Sharks in a cooperative research project aimed at conservation.

Check out the latest addition to FishWatch - Atlantic blacktip shark.

We'll be adding content and features through the week so follow along on Twitter, Facebook, or just check-in throughout the week. Enjoy.

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