Eleven-Mile "Skyway" over Everglades Would Restore Waterflow, Habitat, Fish & Wildlife Health
| November 26, 2012
The Sierra Club has been fighting for the health and restoration of the Everglades for more than 30 years. It was the defining issue for the Sierra Club Miami Group in the early 70's, when developers looked to put a jetport in the Everglades. Then, the next generation of Miami Sierrans fought off converting the Homestead Air Base into a major commercial shipping airport right between Everglades National Park and Biscayne National Park.

Now, threats of destruction come from pushing urban development west, and from polluting or re-routing water that is needed by the Everglades and all its unique plants and wildlife.

Sierra Club and other environmental organizations are working in many areas to continue to protect and restore this wonderful ecosystem. One important area is the proposal to bridge over US41 (Tamiami Trail) to restore fresh water flows to the Everglades.

Scientists say this 11-mile section of the 1928 road must be elevated into a "skyway" if Everglades restoration is to succeed. The skyway will be an important first step in returning the historic water sheet flow through parched Everglades National Park and into Florida Bay.

We have gotten the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US Dept of the Interior, the State of Florida, the South Florida Water Management district and the National Park Service to sign off on the bridge proposal, and last year, the President signed legislation authorizing the bridging.

We need to ensure that restoring the Everglades is a priority. We need to find a way to fund the remaining 5.5 miles of the Everglades Skyway and keep up momentum for this historic project. Details on the project can be found at Build the Skyway.

Sign up today to volunteer and help us make progress for the Everglades!

By signing up to volunteer, you'll be joining an amazing grassroots effort to protect one of Florida's most important natural treasures. With your help, we will be able to get this project done. Just fill out the form Take Action Here.

We're looking for people to help in any capacity they can, from writing letters to the editor, and making phone calls, to tabling at public events, or in other ways. Your time can have a big impact.

Sign up today and Sierra Club staff will get you more info on how to help. And why not have your family or friends sign up with you? It is always more fun to volunteer with friends. Help restore the Everglades and build the Skyway bridge.

- Jonathan Ullman, Sierra Club Everglades Office


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