Tampa Bay Restoration Fund Grants Available
| March 8, 2018

The deadline to apply for the Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund (TBERF) is March 23. 

Approximately $875,000 is available for projects that implement the coastal, estuarine, and freshwater wetland habitat restoration, water quality improvement, research, monitoring, and outreach priorities outlined in TBEP's Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan. Click here for details.

The Tampa Bay Environmental Restoration Fund (TBERF) is an annual competitive grants program managed jointly by the Tampa Bay Estuary Program and the national non-profit organization Restore America's Estuaries. In the first five years (2013-2017), more than $3.7 million was contributed by 14 public and private sector partners, providing support for 43 projects resulting in :

  • More than 7 acres of oyster reefs created and 1000 oyster domes installed
  • 695 acres of coastal and freshwater wetland restoration
  • 200 acres of seagrass restored
  • 116 acres of coastal uplands restored
  • Florida-Friendly Landscaping, natural resources and nutrient management education
  • Assessment of fish habitat, harmful algal blooms, hard bottom substrate, remote sensing technology, existing habitat value of   dredged holes in Tampa Bay, and carbon sequestration in coastal habitats 
  • Treatment of urban runoff from more than 630 acres of highly urbanized areas
  • Management and protection of waterbird rookeries on 13 Tampa Bay islands

Funding for the 2018 TBERF grants cycle is provided by the Southwest Florida Water Management District, Florida Department of Transportation, the Mosaic Company Foundation, Hillsborough County, the City of St. Petersburg, Pinellas County, Tampa Electric Company, and the Hillsborough County Environmental Protection Commission. 


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