Angler's Bootcamp Online
| March 8, 2018

We’re getting closer to the launch of Anglers Bootcamp: The Basics of Saltwater Fishing! Read on for top shot advice from instructor John Brownlee to get you excited about our newest course. Many people wonder whether they should spool their reels with nylon monofilament or hi-tech braided lines, and there’s no clear-cut correct answer. It all depends on where you’re fishing and what you’re chasing.

But you can always combine the two. A lot of savvy anglers use a backing layer of braid with an outer layer of mono, called a top-shot. The thin diameter of braid allows you to pack on a lot of line and the top-shot of mono provides some stretch and less visibility when fishing in clear water. The amount of top-shot can be varied depending on the particular circumstance, and this setup can be used in all types of fishing, from trolling to casting, and everything in between.

By putting both major types of line to work for you, it becomes possible to take advantage of all of the benefits each has to offer at the same time. We hope you’ll join us for our Anglers Bootcamp: The Basics of Saltwater Fishing course to acquire the skills to catch more fish and build an awesome collection of memories on the water with family and friends. Sign up to learn more and get the best deals! Register Now


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