ThunderBlade From Storm Introduces Shockwave Vibration
| September 22, 2009
MINNETONKA, Minn. (July 14, 2008) - Combine the excitement and thrill of a rock concert, with the fish-catching intensity of Storm, and you'll get the new ThunderBlade. Its baitfish profile, coupled with its subtle arching elongated body create a bait that is ideal for vertical jigging or using it as a lipless crankbait.

"The ThunderBlade is a perfectly balanced lure," says Ken Cook, Storm pro angler. "The balanced design keeps the lure from tangling with the line while jigging, eliminating snarl."

Dressed in four metallic and holographic patterns, the ThunderBlade can tackle an array of fishing applications - from freshwater to saltwater. The shimmy, shimmy vibration displays a flash-and-dance excitement that accentuates the "gotta eat it" baitfish profile.

"Jig the ThunderBlade and it creates a frenzy of vibration and flash, taunting fish to strike," says Cook. "Or, cast it out and reel it with a fast retrieve, to imitate a baitfish rushing through the water."

Factor in the expelling shockwave of vibration produced on the retrieve, and fish will be darting in at thunder smack-attack mode to get a taste of the action.

The ThunderBlade is 4 inches long, weighs 1 oz. and features red VMC® Barbarian® hooks for ultimate fish holding power.

Suggested retail price: $5.99

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